“We love our customers” – Then why don’t you protect their information?

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Sure you do. We all love our customers, right? They literally pay our bills. Then why is it that so few companies take steps to protect their customers’ information?

As I discussed previously, it is not unusual for employees to take the entire contents of a customer relationship management system on to their next employer.

Here are ten steps that can help protect your customers’ information:

  1. Select a CRM solution that has robust security features built in.
  2. Grant access only to employees that have a business need.
  3. Monitor employee access, usage, and manipulation of CRM data.
  4. Limit users’ ability to download the contents of the database.
  5. Don’t allow users to view accounts that belong to other salespeople.
  6. Ensure that all users have the most up-to-date virus scanners on their computers.
  7. Terminate access as soon as an employee leaves the company.
  8. Encrypt mobile phones and laptops used to access the CRM platform.
  9. Ensure that a log of records printed and emailed is available and frequently monitored.
  10. Subtly let employees know that your company monitors what they do with the data.
There are additional steps that I typically recommend, but that’s more than enough for now. Your customers thank you for reading this list.
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About Paul McCormack
I have over 20 years of experience in corporate fraud and intellectual theft prevention, detection and investigation. Unlike many fraud experts, I have both industry and professional services experience. To date, I have conducted over 800 interrogations of fraud suspects including numerous senior corporate executives. As a freelance writer, I have written over 1,000 articles on a broad range of topics. My areas of expertise include: • Asset Misappropriation • Big Data • Bribery, Corruption, and Collusion • Check, Wire, ACH, and Credit Card Fraud • Consumer Fraud • Corporate Security • Cybersecurity • Data privacy (Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, and China) • Drug Trafficking • Embezzlement • Employee Fraud • Executive Protection • Fintech • Financial Statement Fraud • FCPA • Healthcare fraud • Identity Theft • Intellectual Property Theft • Internal Audit • Interrogation Tactics • Loss Prevention • Mobile Fraud • Money Laundering • Operational Excellence • Organized Crime • Payments Fraud • PCI Compliance • Retail Fraud • Risk Management • Terrorism and Counterterrorism • UK Bribery Act • Workplace Violence

3 Responses to “We love our customers” – Then why don’t you protect their information?

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  2. nshantin says:

    Interesting post. This is first time, I have read that fraud is possible even in CRM!!
    This has provided me new insights to a new direction in fraud prevention techniques.

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