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Debra’s focus on public sector investigations really caught my attention but her blog tackles a number of topics including fraud, sexual discrimination, and FMLA that pertain to both the public and private sector. Many attorneys claim that they can conduct investigations dealing with a broad range of issues. Most of the time, they end up being specialists in a couple of areas, and generalists in all others. Debra’s blog provides the reader with considerable evidence that she is well equipped to tackle a plethora of issues. The posts are easy to read, light on legalese and heavy on clear and consistent guidance regarding best practices.

I encourage readers to check out the blog archive where there are blog posts dating back to July 2009. Navigating the blog is exceptionally simple with all of the links on the left hand side as opposed to the right side that most bloggers tend to use.  Lastly, the site uses a very soothing blue color scheme that is much appreciated when you read as many blogs as I do!

Congratulations Debra! Keep up the great work.

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About Paul McCormack
I have over 20 years of experience in corporate fraud and intellectual theft prevention, detection and investigation. Unlike many fraud experts, I have both industry and professional services experience. To date, I have conducted over 800 interrogations of fraud suspects including numerous senior corporate executives. As a freelance writer, I have written over 1,000 articles on a broad range of topics. My areas of expertise include: • Asset Misappropriation • Big Data • Bribery, Corruption, and Collusion • Check, Wire, ACH, and Credit Card Fraud • Consumer Fraud • Corporate Security • Cybersecurity • Data privacy (Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, and China) • Drug Trafficking • Embezzlement • Employee Fraud • Executive Protection • Fintech • Financial Statement Fraud • FCPA • Healthcare fraud • Identity Theft • Intellectual Property Theft • Internal Audit • Interrogation Tactics • Loss Prevention • Mobile Fraud • Money Laundering • Operational Excellence • Organized Crime • Payments Fraud • PCI Compliance • Retail Fraud • Risk Management • Terrorism and Counterterrorism • UK Bribery Act • Workplace Violence

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